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The next list of instructions are on how to use the following products. Please follow these easy instructions for the maximum effect of this product. If you are under chemo ,do not use our products


Therapeutic Oil

Queen's product will grow bald spots and thinning hair back. When hair begins to grow back, it will become 4 times stronger than before. This will not happen over night it depends on how damaged your hair is. Usually for very damaged hair the product could take up to a maximum of 6 months. Follow these step by step instructions listed below and you will see scalp or hair start to improve within the first 60 days.

1. Brush the weak area of the hair (bald or thinning area) 4 times with a brush in a circular motion.

2. Use Therapeutic oil over the weak spots or the entire scalp.

3. Wrap hair down with scarf at night and leave until morning. In the morning repeat steps 1 and 2 but leave the scarf out during the day time.

4. In 6 to 8 weeks if hair follicles have not died the damaged hair will be restored.

5. For hair to be completely restored the product must be used correctly and the user must be dedicated. It can take up to 5 bottles or more for hair to be restore


1. Has the power to assassinate germ,nasty razor bumps,

    fungus,bacteria, restore bald spots

2. Grow's a man beard fast, strong, healthy, shinny

3. Fight's off eczema, grow's hair like a horse's tail

4. Will replenish your scalp back in days

    100% Solution to Kill is 4 time stronger than our Therapeutic oil

    use solution to kill 2 time a day(day and night) 4 drops on each spots

    you will not found a product as great as our natural Solution to Kill any where

Hydrating Hair Mask

This product eliminates flaky scalps, it kills fungus, restores hair growth, and puts oil back in to the scalp.

1. Part hair into four sections and brush through the scalp to remove flakes.

2. Wash hair with Queen's Clarifying Shampoo, repeat this process twice.

3. Part hair into four sections with a large tooth comb and apply hair mask with a tent brush or tent bottle threw the entire scalp.

4. Put on plastic hair cap on head and sit under dryer for 30 minutes.

5. Then wash hair with moisturizing shampoo and apply Conditioning Custard through the scalp and sit under the dryer for another 30 minutes.

6. Then wash out hair one more time with the moisturizing shampoo and the process is complete. 

Conditioning Custard

This product brings damaged hair back to life. It also stops split ends, helps to keep curly or straight hair rejuvenated and shiny. In addition to that, it softens the hair and makes it manageable to comb.

1. Take Custard and place in microwave for 12 seconds before applying to hair.

2. Wash hair and apply Conditioning Custard.

3. Apply Custard to scalp and massage thoroughly.

4. Apply a plastic cap to hair and sit under dryer for 30 minutes.

5. Once finished with dryer the following steps need to be followed depending on the style of hair you will be using that day.

If the hair is going to be worn natural then you DO NOT wash out Custard.

if the hair is going to be flat ironed then you must wash out the conditioner.

if hair is thin then wash Custard out using any moisturizing shampoo.

Apple licious

our Apple licious is a healthy natural pomade that stop dry scalp and flaks,

our pomade restore scalp back to its natural healthy state, apple licious is good for flat iron,hair style

dry scalp and more, Apple licous work excellent on kids it can be use on wet or dry hair, any one can use our products

Growth Oil and Finishing Shine

1. Apply after hair is styled.

2. Use as needed

Clarifying Shampoo

This product strips the hair completely down, opens hair follicles which helps stimulate the scalp and assists with hair growth, and removes all build up. It also kills all bacteria in the head and scalp.

1. Wash hair 2 times with Clarifying Shampoo

2. Wash hair a 3rd time using any moisturizing shampoo.

3. Apply the Custard Conditioner and follow the instructions listed above. 

Dreadlock Pudding

1. Use for natural curly hair

2. Twisting, braiding, dreads, and the use of making dreads. Also used for slicking hair back. 

Moisturizing Face Mask

This product rejuvenates skin, removes marks, spots and blemishes. It leaves the face with a polished glow. It also stops wrinkles and evens out the tone of your skin.

1. Clean face at night using lukewarm water in order to open up pores. Then use black soap (product coming soon).

2. Rinse face off with cool water and apply a dime size portion of the Moisturizing Face Mask to the face.

3. Do not rinse it off. Leave it on overnight or during the day. 



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