Queen's Natural Hair Care products

Where verything Natural Grows!


1. How long do it take hair to grow back?
Answer: One to five months

2. Can guys use this product?
Answer: Yes

3. Can all nationality use this product?
Answer: Yes

4. Can children use this product?
Answer: Yes

5. Will hair fall out after you are finished using the product?
Answer: No

6. Does this product have any harmful chemicals in it?
Answer: No

7. If you are taking medication, does this product help hair grow back?
Answer: Yes

8.if you are useing the product and start to have a allergic reaction
Stop using at once

9. can you us this product if you have Cancer or chemo
Answer: NO

  1.  if you have cancer or  under chemo do NOT use our products
  2. if you have open sores or infected scalp do NOT use our products
  3. if you are placing an order from the united kingdom on this site,  and its over a hundred, place your order on EBay
  4. Queens natural hair care DO not give refund back, make sure your order is right
  5. Queens natural hair care DO ship out of the county